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2 dead and over 100 injured as two train collided in U.S.A

Two people have been reported dead and over 100 injured as a Miami-bound Amtrak train on wrong track collided with freight train in South Carolina. According to authorities, the number of injuries reported is exactly 116. Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that investigation has showed that the accident occurred due to a deliberate act in which the track the Amtrak train was on had been manually switched, lined and locked. Thereby causing the train to divert from the main line onto a side track where the freight train was parked. The Amtrak train with 147 people aboard then slammed into the parked train. See photo below the page.

However, the investigation continues as the speed limit in the area is said to be 59 miles per hour and investigators can not say for now how many miles per hour the train was travelling. Meanwhile, CSX railroad now operates all aspects of the tracks in the area where the crash occurred.

2 dead and over 100 injured as two train collide in South Carolina

Train accident in South Carolina

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