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4 ways to spot and avoid working with broken people

1. Try to know about their reputations – Before employing anybody, you will definitely try to know as much as possible about him or her. Check out their LinkedIn profile and read the recommendations of others carefully. If there aren’t any, that’s also a big warning sign. Forbes advises that it is better to call one’s former boss first, before hiring him or her.

2. Look at the whole of their life – There is a wrong theory that as an only child with no children of her own, Britain’s former Prime Minister, Theresa May, was unpracticed in negotiating the kind of compromise usually taught by siblings and parenting. Don’t expect someone to get along well with others at work, if their personal life shows no evidence of them being able to bond.

3. Don’t believe their version of the past – Forbes says that people seeking to be employed will tell you how a past employer stole ideas from them and they’ll even “share the trauma of being fired by a tyrannical boss without just cause.” Therefore, you should not believe their own version of the past.

4. The future will not look different from the past – There is also the belief that the past determines one’s future. This is often the case if one is a broken person. Most people have moved away from their backward past to a bright future through hard work and determination. People say that if someone hasn’t made it by their mid 40’s, they simply won’t. But this has been proven to be wrong. Simply continue to work hard and believe in yourself.