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40,000 African migrants given 90 days to leave Israel

Israel has given about 40,000 Africans just 90 days to leave the country or face imprisonment. Most of the Africans living in Israel are from Eritrea and Sudan. Some of them are also from Uganda and Rwanda. Those ready to leave willingly would be awarded $3,500 in resettlement aid in their own countries or to enable them go to a third country. Israel will also be responsible for their flight ticket, should they need any. Israeli authorities regard them as economic migrants.

40,000 African migrants given 90 days to leave Israel

Migrants in Israel (Getty Image)

However, it can not be verified if the money would actually be paid to the immigrants. Children, elderly and victim of slavery and human trafficking are reportedly exempted from the new immigration order. The UN refugee agency has said that the controversial plan by Israel, violated international and Israeli laws.

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