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Airline forced a man to sit in someone else’s pee

British Airways forced a man to sit in someone else’s pee for 11-hour flight. – The Sun reported that Andrew Wilkinson, 39, who is a British man boarded a British Airways plane in Heathrow to visit his parents in Cape Town, South Africa. As he sat on the seat, he immediately noticed a wet patch on it and decided to report the issue to the stewardess. Instead of taking proper action such as changing his seat, the stewardess simply apologized and brought him some wipes and asked him to clean it up himself.

According to Wilkinson, he was later offered 5,000 “Avios points” — which allows him to book reward flights. However, he was not satisfied with the compensation from the airline. According to him: “I just do not think that is a good enough compensation for sitting in someone else’s wee for over 11 hours.”