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Biafra sit-at-home protest is hurting the Igbos themselves

The so-called Biafra sit-at-home protest in Nigeria is hurting the Igbos/Ibos because the protest has led to a shut down of shops, schools, etc in the south eastern part of the country. Biafra operates under the name “Indigenous People of Biafra” (IPOB). The Ibos who participate in this kind of protest forgot to realize the fact that by so doing, they are making life more difficult for their own people. Moreover, Biafra has been banned in Nigeria since 19.01.‎2018 after losing their appeal against the initial September 20, 2017 ban by a lower court. 

Nigeria is a great country and it is often referred to as the giant of Africa because not only is it Africa’s most populous country, it also has the biggest economy in Africa, followed by South Africa. The richest black man (Aliko Dangote)in the world is from Nigeria and the richest black woman (Folorunsho Alakija) is also from Nigeria. To know more about Nigeria, see a brief history of Nigeria.

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