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British family stranded abroad needs help

A British family got stranded abroad after they accidentally left their passports on a plane. The family of 5 flew to Geneva on a skiing holiday with EasyJet airline. The 29-yr-old Victoria Walker said her daughter had put the passports in the seat in front of them. The plane was already on its way back to Manchester before they realized their mistake.

The British Embassy in Switzerland is closed until the new year and the family cannot return home to the UK without a valid passport. Therefore, they have appealed for help from the British Government so they can get back home. In fact, they were unable to leave the airport and were held by Swiss authorities.

“I’m A Celebrity” participant Georgina Toffolo was released from an immigration center after her passport was deemed invalid. Therefore, Victoria said: “If Boris Johnson can get Georgia Toffolo home he can do the same for me too.”