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Chinese company donates thousands of masks to Italy

Xiaomi, a Beijing-based Chinese electronics company has donated tens of thousands of FFP3 anti-coronavirus face masks to Italy’s government to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and to curb a shortage in the country’s health materials. The masks would be sent to Italy’s Civil Protection Department. “We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden,” Xiaomi wrote on crates containing the Italian-bound face masks.

48 countries have reported infections among their citizens but Italy and Iran have been mostly hit by the virus. Italy’s death toll rose to almost 400 people this week and about 8,000 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 illness. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree last week for a quarantine affecting 15 provinces and more than one-quarter of the country’s 60 million people.

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