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Devin Nunes threatening to sue CNN and The Daily Beast

Devin Nunes, a ranking Republican member on the House Intelligence Committee, is reportedly threatening to sue CNN and The Daily Beast after they reported damaging allegations that could implicate him in the ongoing impeachment probe which is being conducted by the committee. It was alleged that Nunes met with Ukrainian officials in order to discuss digging up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

The lawyers, Joseph Bondy and Ed MacMahon, told CNN and The Daily Beast that Parnas helped Nunes arrange meetings with various Ukrainian officials, in order to facilitate the effort of President Trump and associates in their attempt to enlist a foreign government (Ukraine) to dig up dirt on a domestic political opponent (Joe Biden), by withholding congressionally approved aid (almost $40m) until the request was met.

According to Nunes, “I intend to hold The Daily Beast and CNN accountable for their actions. They will find themselves in court soon after Thanksgiving.”

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