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Eyeballs tattoo got woman blind for 3 weeks

A 24-year-old woman who was identified as Amber Luke from Brisbane, Australia, tattooed her eyeballs and she was left blind for three weeks. She told Barcroft TV that the process of having the sclera of her eyeballs inked with a bright blue color was so painful it felt like shards of glass were being rubbed into her eyes. However, she said she has no regrets doing it. According to her, she got blind for three weeks because her tattoo artists mistakenly went too deep into her eyeballs with the needle.

Eyeballs tattoo got woman blind for 3 weeks

Eyeballs tattoo

Amber appears to be addicted to tattoo because she already has 200 tattoos inked onto her body and she wants her entire body covered in tattoos by the time she turns 25. She now describes herself on Instagram as the”Blues Eyes White Dragon.”

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