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Female teacher,51, dated boy,14, for months

Dayna Chidester, who is a female teacher in a high school in Illinois is said to have been dating a 14-year-old student for months. Accordidng to prosecutors, it was discovered that Chidester traded up to 9,000 texts with the boy and she slept with him up to 20 times late last year. According to Chicago Tribune, the 51-year-old teacher did it with the boy twice a week either in Chicago hotels, at her home or in her car. They started dating in sept.,2018.

Dayna Chidester

Dayna Chidester

People reported that the teacher who is free on $1 million bond, admitted that she showered him with presents, including a skateboard and a robe. Scared that she might be punished for her action, Chidester confided in another student who she texted – “It’s horrible, I can go to jail.” When she got exposed and was charged to court, Chidester resigned immediately.

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