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Florida man beats 6-year-old stepson to death over cookie

According to police, at about 11 a.m., a man who police later identified as Jack Junior Montgomery, 31, called 911 and said his 6-year-old stepson, Brice Russell, wouldn’t wake up and was not breathing. Russell was actually found dead when emergency personnel arrived just minutes later. A medical examiner determined the next day that the child was seriously beaten to death.

According to police detectives, the other children in the room said they awoke to see Montgomery punching the boy repeatedly in the face before putting him on the same bed with them. They also said that the boy lost consciousness. Mr. Montgomery actually knew that the child was dead before putting him to bed. He reportedly forced the siblings to sleep with the dead body the entire night.

Montgomery admitted to beating his stepson after he caught the boy sneaking out of bed to get a cookie, but he maintained that he did not cause him any harm. The children went further to say that they saw Montgomery putting water on the boy’s face and slapping it in an effort to wake him up.

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