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Grandma’s thankful message to Trump and Kim K

Kim Kardashian met with Trump in the White House last month to advocate for a pardon for Alice Johnson, who is now 63 years old. President Trump then decided to pardon the great-grandmother who has spent 21 years in prison. After her release, she thanked Trump on ‘Good Morning America’ by saying: “I’d like to tell President Trump that I am so grateful for everything that you’ve done for me and my family.” …”This moment right now is happening because President Trump had mercy on me.”

Johnson also pleaded on behalf of the other inmates she left behind in the prison. She added, “I’d like to tell him that, please, please remember us, the others who have been left behind because there are so many like me who need to have an opportunity, the opportunity that I’ve had.” Alice Johnson reunited with her family members on June 6, 2018.

Immediately after her release, she said, “I would tell President Trump, ‘Thank you so much. That I am going to be that one that is going to make you so proud.’ And I hope that my life encourages him to do this for others too,” To Kim Kardashian, she said: “Thank you for never giving up. You did it. You never gave up on me and you fought until I was free… I’d just like to thank her and hug her.”

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