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How Nigerian ladies were sold to Arab men for $500

Nigeria migrants evacuated from Libya by the Federal Government have described their experiences as “hellish.” On arrival at the Port Harcourt International Airport on Sunday, one of the returnees, a six-month pregnant Lewisa Comfort, (23) from Edo State said that the human traffickers promised taking them to Italy but they ended up selling them off in Libya for $500 each. She said they hardly get something to eat and they decided to “turn our hunger into fasting and prayers.”

Those who were sold were made to do house cleaning jobs ‘without pay’ and their buyers could sleep with them at any time. According to her, a man who buys a woman can re-sell the woman to another man at any time. Human trafficking is said to be a booming business in Libya. It was Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, who finally sent some delegations to Libya to evacuate the Nigerians and bring them back home.

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