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Judge blocks North Carolina’s new voter ID law

US district judge Loretta Biggs has formally blocked North Carolina’s new voter identification law because of its discriminatory intent. Under the new law, voters are required to present one of 10 forms of acceptable identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, or military ID in order to vote.

Biggs stresses the fact that some voters especially African Americans were more likely to have public assistance and government IDs – both of which were not considered an acceptable form of voter ID under the so-called new voter identification law.

According to her: “The evidence suggests that minority voters are not just less likely to have an acceptable form of ID, but that the legislature excluded photographic ID that could have greatly reduced that discrepancy.”

Biggs also stopped a provision in the law that allowed poll watchers to challenge someone’s ballot if he or she did not have an acceptable photo ID. She ordered state election officials to publicize that voter ID would not be needed to vote in the state until she issued a further ruling.

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