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Latest on the shooting at Central Michigan University

This is the latest about the shooting at Campbell Hall at the Central Michigan University on Friday morning, in which two people were killed. The victims in the fatal shooting at a have been identified. The shooter has also been identified but he is still at large and there is no suspect in custody for now. The police said that they are searching for a 19-year-old black male who they identified as James Eric Davis Jr.

Police has finally said that the shooter attacked and killed his parents while hurting no one else. Police call the shooting a “family-type domestic situation.” Therefore, terrorism is ruled out at least for now. His parents reportedly went to the campus on Friday morning to pick him up for spring break and he shot and killed them.

It has been disclosed that the gun used in the shooting belonged to Davis’ father, James Davis Sr. who was a part-time police officer in the Chicago suburb of Bellwood.

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Illinois State Representative Emanuel Chris Welch offered condolences on Twitter to Bellwood Police Officer James Davis Sr. and his wife, who were killed at Central Michigan University on Friday. In his tweet, he wrote: “The shooting at Central Michigan University today strikes close to home. A sad day in Bellwood and across the 7th District. My sincerest condolences go out to the family of Bellwood Police Officer James Davis Sr. and his wife who were shot and killed this morning. May they RIP.”

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