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Man marries 2 women at the same time in the same church

It is already known that the largest family in the world is from Nigeria. Now, a man from Abia state in Nigeria identified as Master Ejindu became the internet sensation at least in Nigeria after a video of his wedding ceremony to two women at the same time, in the same church, went viral online. Ejindu tied the knot with Miss Oyediya and Miss Ebere in a Pentecostal Church. However, this is not the first time a man is marrying two women in Nigeria as polygamy is allowed in the country.

White people have started to practice polygamy and in some cases, twin sisters even share the same boyfriend. Ejindu wedded his two wives in the church on Sunday after their traditional wedding took place the previous day in the presence of the three families.

Man marries 2 women at the same time in the same church

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