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Non-stop turmoil in white house since Trump took over power

Since President Donald Trump won the U.S presidential election and took over power, It has been one political bombshell after another in the white house. The very first week he took over power, he was accused of using the white house website to promote his wife’s business. He started to backslide from some of his campaign promises. His travel ban was blocked by a judge.

Trump’s team has been accused of collusion with Russia during the U.S 2016 election. It took months before Trump could finally agree that Russia did meddle in the U.S election. Trump constantly criticizes the media and he refused to apologize to ex-President Barack Obama for wrongly accusing Obama of wiretapping him.

Trump abruptly fired FBI director, Comey, and he is now being accused of obstructing justice. No wonder congress members are planning to get him impeached and removed from power. Comey’s memo has revealed that President Trump asked Comey to stop investigating the case against his ex-national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Trump is further accused of revealing classified informations to the Russian diplomats who recently visited him at the white house.

Russian President, Putin, who seems to have celebrated the U.S hacked election is now laughing at the political turmoil at the white house.

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