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Pamela Anderson tries to defend Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson is trying to defend Julian Assange on Twitter but her stand is not likely to have much effect on the outcome of the case against the Wikileaks founder. Anderson says Sweden reopening case against Julian Assange is ‘an insult to all real r*pe victims’ Anderson added that the fact is, Julian is at risk of being held for the rest of his life because he has exposed and embarrassed some powerful people and the public are not going to stand for it.

Pamela Anderson
Anderson further accuses the U.S Government of being behind the re-opening of the case against Assange. She wrote on Twitter that “The US government wants to shut him up. The US wants to make an example of him and shut down Wikileaks. Julian is not even a US citizen and is not even being accused of doing anything wrong in US jurisdiction.” She described Julian Assange as “a loving father, someone who misses home, someone who has fought against injustice all his life.”

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