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Raped teen found dead before testimony

Mujey Dumbuya, a 16-yr-old teenager and a student at East Kentwood High School has been found dead. She was set to testify in April, 2018 against a man from Michigan who made love with her against her wish in a parked car. Her corpse was found in a wooded area about 50 miles from her home. Police believe it to be homicide and are investigating it as such.

Mujey Dumbuya, set to testify, found dead

According to police, Quinn Anthony James, 42, who was a maintenance worker at the high school, was arrested earlier this month in connection with Dumbuya’s assault but authorities released him for lack of evidence. Therefore, he is automatically a person of interest in Dumbuya’s death. According to HuffPost, a $10,000 GoFundMe campaign set up for Dumbuya’s family to help cover funeral costs has raised $13,000, which is already $3,000 above its goal.

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