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Rep. Ilhan Omar: people seem to want to controversy

Rep. Ilhan Omar became a laughing stock on social media after she told CBS that “I am only controversial because people seem to want to controversy.” Host Margaret Brennan asked Omar this question: “You’re comparing migrant shelters to dungeons used about 400 years ago in Ghana that you recently visited, and you toured those caves in Ghana recently. It’s getting a lot of attention. Did you mean, when you were talking there, to compare U.S. border agents to slave traders?” Then she replied:

“I’m only controversial because people seem to want to controversy. What I talked about at our panel that was the plight of black immigrants was about the experience I was having as I went through the dungeons. There were stories that were being told, and I talked about how at that moment I had an image of what’s happening in Libya as people are being sold.”

Ilhan Omar came to the U.S as a refugee from Somalia. Omar was specifically banned by the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, from visiting Israel due to her rhetorics.

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