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Saudi woman says women are still treated badly in Saudi Arabia

If you think that women are now being treated fairly in Saudi Arabia , better think twice. 18-yr-old Saudi woman, identified as Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, who has been held at Bangkok airport, told Human Rights Watch that she would be killed at home if she was repatriated by Thai immigration officials. Upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport her travel document was forcibly taken from her and she was refused entry. According to her, her male guardian had reported her for travelling without his permission.

Qunun said she was trying to flee her family because they subjected her to physical and psychological abuse. Also she wanted to avoid forced marriage. In her own words: “My family is strict and locked me in a room for six months just for cutting my hair.” She maintained that she would be sent to jail and added that “I’m sure 100 percent they will kill me as soon as I get out of the Saudi jail.

On Twitter, she wrote: “based on the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol, I’m rahaf mohmed, formally seeking a refugee status to any country that would protect me from getting harmed or killed due to leaving my religion and torture from my family.

Meanwhile, she has been granted refugee status by the U.N., and is now seeking asylum with any country that will take her. However, her first choice is Australia. SEE: Latest info on the woman who fled Saudi Arabia

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