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Schwarzenegger pinpoints Trump’s biggest flaw

In a new interview for Men’s Health, former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that President Donald Trump’s biggest flaw is not being able to shift from Trump to President. It seems this is the first time a celebrity and a politician from Trump’s own party has actually said the truth about him. “I saw that with myself, that I was not able to shift from Arnold to governor. I was still stuck as Arnold.” “I always complain about Trump not being able to shift from Trump to president.”

Arnold further explained that a good politician should be able to enhance unity among people. In his own words: “But I learned quickly that that’s really not the way it works. You got to be able to bring people together. It takes much more time, much more effort, but that’s just the way it is. If you don’t like that, don’t get into politics.”

He finally added that Trump wants to be like him. “I think he really–he’s in love with me. That’s the reality of it. With Trump, he wants to be me.”

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