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Explosion in Afghan President’s inauguration ceremony

See Ten most read topics in the news In a live broadcast, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s inauguration ceremony was interrupted by the sound of explosions and ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. The re-elected president who was delivering a speech at the podium outside the presidential palace in the capital Kabul when the […]

At least 95 killed in Afghan car bombing

See Ten most read topics in the news According to Afghan Interior Ministry, a bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan has led to the death of at least 95 people and wounded almost 200. The driver of the explosive-laden vehicle succeeded in getting through a police checkpoint because he used an ambulance car and told the […]

Fake news arising from Manchester arena attack

See Ten most read topics in the news I don’t know why some people specialize in spreading fake news on the internet. Here is one of the latest fake or false news presently being spread on social media. In the recent bomb blast at Manchester arena where Singer Ariana Grande was performing, her rep has […]

Bomb blasts kill at least 3 in migrant camp in Nigeria

See Ten most read topics in the news Different bombs were blown up in Muna camp in eastern Nigeria. Muna camp, which is easily accessible because it has no fence. is home to tens of thousands of people who have fled the Boko Haram insurgency. Although, Nigerian president, Buhari, claimed that the group has been […]

Bomb blast in Syria

See Ten most read topics in the news Bomb blast in Syria: Now that there is a ceasefire in Syria, as if the Syrians have not be traumatized enough, a bomb exploded in a busy market, killing dozens. Since the war started, an estimated 9 million people living in Syria have fled their homes in […]