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Pope disapproves LGBTQ union

See Ten most read topics in the news Members of the LGBTQ community are very heartbroken as Pope Francis has said that blessing a gay union is against the will of God. It has been a long-standing issue on whether the Church should approve same-sex-union or not. In a decree approved by Pope Francis, the […]

Man stabbed woman he met on dating site 119 times

See Ten most read topics in the news As the transgender debate continues in America, and even the White House press secretary threatened to shut down her press briefing,  a 21-yr-old man identified as Dwanya Hickerson, stabbed a woman he met on a dating site 119 times after making love with her and she revealed […]

Germany to compensate those sentenced for being gays

See Ten most read topics in the news In a dramatic move, German government has passed a legislation which is aimed at clearing and compensating those who were convicted for homosexuality under a Nazi-era law. Since Germany now allows LGBT to marry, Chancellor Angela Merkel and other top German leaders deem it necessary to clear […]