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Why Pope Francis says fake news is evil

See Ten most read topics in the news Pope Francis has described ‘fake news’ as evil and he urges journalists to search for the truth in whatever they are reporting before making it known to the general public. This comes barely a week after U.S President Donald Trump issued a ‘Fake News Award‘. The Pope […]

A quick look at Pope Francis Christmas message

See Ten most read topics in the news On Christmas day, Pope Francis sought peace for Jerusalem and for all the Holy Land. As tens of thousands of worshippers gathered at the Vatican to hear the pontiff’s fifth “Urbi et Orbi” (To the City and The World) message which was delivered hours after a Christmas […]

Pope Francis wants to change a line in The Lord’s Prayer

See Ten most read topics in the news The Catholic leader, Pope Francis has suggested that he wants to make a change to The Lord’s Prayer which is widely known among the christians as “Our Father.” In an interview, the pope said he would like to adjust the phrase which says “lead us not into […]

Why did the Pope slap away President Trump’s hand

See Ten most read topics in the news There is a video which is being circulated on the internet, claiming that the Pope slaps away President Trump’s hand as Trump tried to hold hands with him. Melania Trump actually refused to hold hands with President Trump on some occasions but the hands-holding-refusal incident between the […]