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Racist in Chief is at it again

See Ten most read topics in the news Sometimes it is increasingly difficult for President Donald Trump to hide the fact that he is a racist. Hence he has been given the title “Racist-in-Chief.” For instance, he recently took to Twitter to attack 4 women of color who happen to be congress women. Instead of […]

Trump supporter displays racist act

See Ten most read topics in the news Another racist rant by a white woman at a grocery store was caught on video. In the video, the woman is seen telling Johanny Santana, a black color Puerto Rican woman, in Abington Township that she should be deported back to her own country. Santana recorded the […]

Racist woman in Canada caught on camera

See Ten most read topics in the news A wheelchair-bound racist Woman in Canada quoted a non-existing law to support her racism attitude. The woman was caught on camera verbally abusing employees at a Chinese specialty store in Canada. She was yelling at the Chinese workers asking them to “go back to China” because they […]