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Why Health care bill vote was abruptly called off by Trump

See Ten most read topics in the news The Trumpcare bill that was postponed was finally withdrawn just moments before it was due to be voted on. President Donald Trump said he made the decision to pull the bill after meeting at the White House with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Friday. Ryan categorically […]

Why the vote to repeal Obamacare was actually postponed

See Ten most read topics in the news Rep Mark Meadows, the freedöm Caucus Chairman, admitted to reporters that the Trump’s Team hasn’t got enough members on board for them to secure a ‘YES’ if the vote on health care bill should take place today. Therefore, the vote has been postponed till tomorrow. He said […]

Why Obamacare is very difficult to repeal

See Ten most read topics in the news President Donald Trump has branded the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare as “a disaster” and plans to repeal and replace it with the so-called “Trumpcare”. Obamacare is very difficult for Trump to repeal because Obama signed it into law and Trump can not repeal it […]