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President Trump’s unintentional confession

See Ten most read topics in the news After President Donald Trump met with top Russian officials last week, he reportedly told them that firing FBI director Comey eased great pleasure from the probe into Russia and Trump’s team collusion. This statement is seen as unintentional confession by Trump that the main reason why he […]

Non-stop turmoil in white house since Trump took over power

See Ten most read topics in the news Since President Donald Trump won the U.S presidential election and took over power, It has been one political bombshell after another in the white house. The very first week he took over power, he was accused of using the white house website to promote his wife’s business. […]

Trump uses whitehouse website to promote his business

See Ten most read topics in the news In January this year, the white house was accused of systematically using whitehouse website to promote Melania Trump’s business so that it would be exposed to millions of people. Amid reports that the federal government is also promoting President Donald Trump’s Florida resort club Mar-a-Lago, the white […]

A driver who claims to have a bomb, scares white house

See Ten most read topics in the news The U.S Secret Service has revealed that a man drove a car to a white house checkpoint on Saturday night and he claimed to have a bomb with him. Meanwhile, president Donald Trump was reportedly not in the WH at the time of the incident. He was […]