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Trump wants congress to investigate Obama

President Trump seems to still be under fmr. President Obama’s skin. He moved from comparing himself to Obama in terms of inauguration crowd to wrongfully accusing Obama of wiretapping him and calling Obama a “sick guy.” Now he has suggested on Tweeter that Congress should investigate Obama’s book deal and Obama’s Netflix Deal which he described as “Ridiculous.” Trump tweeted:

“House Judiciary has given up on the Mueller Report, sadly for them after two years and $40,000,000 spent – ZERO COLLUSION, ZERO OBSTRUCTION. So they say, OK, lets look at everything else, and all of the deals that “Trump” has done over his lifetime. But it doesn’t…“

His tweet continues: “….work that way. I have a better idea. Look at the Obama Book Deal, or the ridiculous Netflix deal. Then look at all the deals made by the Dems in Congress, the “Congressional Slush Fund,” and lastly the IG Reports. Take a look at them. Those investigations would be over FAST!“

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