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Two pilots sacked for fighting inside a plane

Wonder shall never end! Jet Airways has terminated the appointment of two of it’s pilots who reportedly fought inside the plane which was carrying 324 passengers and 14 crew members. According to local newspapers, the Indian airline said in a statement that “We have terminated the services of both the cockpit crew with immediate effect.” The airline did not release more details on the incident in order to avoid further damage to the company’s image. Physical altercation is strictly prohibited among pilots during a flight.

A misunderstanding reportedly led to a serious argument between a male and a female pilot in the cockpit and the male pilot ended up slapping the female co-pilot. The unnamed female pilot who could not withstand the man physically, started crying and refused to return to the cockpit for a while. Some internet users blame the male pilot for the incident because they perceive him as someone who has no respect for women. However, the plane which was flying from London to Mumbai landed safely.

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