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U.S. seen as exporter of white supremacist ideology

Russell Travers, acting director of the National Counterterrorism Center told an audience in Washington, D.C that “For almost two decades, the United States has pointed abroad at countries who are exporters of extreme Islamist ideology. We are now being seen as the exporter of white supremacist ideology. That’s a reality with which we are going to have to deal.” Travers called the global movement “racially motivated violent extremism,” (RMVE) (pronounced “rem-vee”)

It can be noted that since President Donald Trump came to power in the U.S, he has used racially motivated words that make people wonder if he is fit for the office of the President. Instead of uniting Americans, he is creating hatred and disunity among the citizens. Arnold Schwarzenegger once pointed out the fact that Trump lacks the ability to bring people together

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