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Victim confessed the truth after initially accusing a black woman

Lizzie Dunn, 52, a Staten Island woman who initially said a mystery black woman attacked her and threw acid on her face, resulting to severe burn, later confessed the truth to the police. After a police investigation, her story turned out to be a lie. The wounds were self-inflicted, and she confessed to police that her story was fabricated. The NYPD’s 123rd Precinct tweeted on Tuesday that “The alleged acid assault in the Woodrow area yesterday has been found to have not occurred. The injuries were self-inflicted and there is no perpetrator. There is no threat to the public.”

Victim Lizzie Dunn confessed the truth after accusing a black woman

Lizzie Dunn

Investigators believe Dunn used a spray bottle to burn herself with some kind of homemade acid. According to police, Dunn (who is likely to face charges of filing a false police report) had scars from previous self-inflicted injuries on her body. In fact, she has a history of self-harm. No motive or reason for the incident has been explained.

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