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Why 4 new Emirs were created in Kano, Nigeria

With the creation of four more emirates, Mr Sanusi’s reign over 44 local governments has been drastically cut down to only eight. We all know that Emir Lamido Sanusi has often criticized the government’s policies and actions. This may have prompted Kano State governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to appoint 4 other Emirs in order to reduce the power of Emir Sanusi. However, Ganduje said the creation of the new emirates and inauguration of the emirs was not to spite Lamido but is in adherence to the people’s demands. He further explained that the creation of four new emirates in the state was to “reduce the burden” on the Kano Emirate.

A In his own words: “We created the emirates in order to reduce the burden on the Kano emirate,” …“The challenges are too weighty on Kano emirate, that is why the emirate is running away from centralization of the system.”

Ganduje’s decision to sign the Kano State Emirs Appointment and Deposition Amendment 2019 bill into law sparked public outrage. It is seen as the fastest law in Nigeria’s democratic history. Ganduje, then urged all district heads and leaders under the territories of the new emirs to pay homage to them and he also called on the new emirs to be dedicated to promoting agriculture, health and education. Although a court on Friday ordered the government not to proceed with naming the new emirs, Mr Ganduje said the appointments had already been concluded before the court order.

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