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Why Health care bill vote was abruptly called off by Trump

The Trumpcare bill that was postponed was finally withdrawn just moments before it was due to be voted on. President Donald Trump said he made the decision to pull the bill after meeting at the White House with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Friday. Ryan categorically said that the bill will not pass because it lacks enough support from congress members. In a press conference, Ryan said: “I spoke to the president just a little while ago and I told him the best thing I think to do is to pull this bill, and he agreed with the decision.”

Democrats opposing the new bill said that 24 million people were left behind in the healthcare proposed by Trump and they call it “inhumane”. Some fellow Republicans saw it as a real disaster as opposed to Obamacare which is presently being enjoyed by many in the country. See also: Why Obamacare is very difficult to repeal.