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Why Russia’s effort to sway France election failed

Marine Le Pen, Putin’s favorite lost to Emmanuel Macron and Macron became France president. Reports shows that Macron’s emails were stolen by a Russian hack group, the fancy bear or APT 28, which is used by President Vladimir Putin to disrupt elections and help in electing leaders of their choice in foreign countries. APT 28 is part of Russia’s military intelligence. This is in fact the same cyber group which stole Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2016 and published it through Wikileaks before the presidential election took place.

In Paris, the national election commission warned the media not to publish the emails, which had been obtained in a criminal manner. Many voters saw this hacking operation as an attack on France and an effort by foreigners to subvert their democracy. Hence they decided to vote against Le Pen. Analyst say that Russia will not succeed in swaying U.S election with this method again in future.