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Afghan women protest against all-male government

China has pledged $31 million in immediate aid to the Taliban government and it seems everybody wants a share of the cake.

Some women in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan decided to risk their lives by protesting against the formation of an all-male interim Taliban government to rule Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the Taliban creepily urged women to join the government, they went ahead to form an all-male government without allowing any woman to be part of it.

The demonstrators want women ministers to be included in the Taliban administration.

The protesters were dispersed and some women were reportedly beaten for participating in the demonstration.

The Taliban who has no regard for women has said that such protests are illegal and not allowed. Recently, the Taliban asked women to stop going to work and stay at home.

According to Etilaatroz news, some of their journalists were also beaten and detained for covering the so-called illegal rally.