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Man stabbed woman he met on dating site 119 times

As the transgender debate continues in America, and even the White House press secretary threatened to shut down her press briefing,  a 21-yr-old man identified as Dwanya Hickerson, stabbed a woman he met on a dating site 119 times after making love with her and she revealed she was a transgender. He was jailed for 40 years without parole after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. Additionally, he will also serve 15 years for a robbery charge because he took Whigham’s purse and mobile phone after killing her.

Dwanya Hickerson stabbed woman he met on dating site 119 times

Dwanya Hickerson

Ms Whigham’s mother, Vickie Blackney Whigham, was not satisfied with Hickerson’s sentence. She wanted him to be sentenced to death. She said: “I think the plea is a slap in the face,” she said. “He gets a chance to see his family and I don’t have that chance with my child.”

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