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Trump’s family divided over Biden’s victory

See Ten most read topics in the news News medias have reported that Melania Trump (50) and her son-inlaw Jared Kushner (39) reportedly advised Trump to concede and congratulate Joe Biden, but his sons Donald Jr. (42) und Eric (36) want their father to continue contesting the election results in the court despite the fact […]

John Bolton criticizes Trump’s attacks on election

See Ten most read topics in the news John Bolton, who served as President Trump’s national security advisor from 2018-2019, has sharply criticized Trump’s attacks on election. Bolton said: “Republicans are facing a character test. Any candidate is entitled to pursue appropriate election-law remedies if they feel there has been misconduct or error,” Bolton added. […]

Why Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic race

See Ten most read topics in the news <p> Sen. Bernie Sanders (78), has dropped out of the Democratic primary race, paving the way for Joe Biden to be officially declared the party’s nominee. While addressing his supporters in a livesteam, he said the decision to suspend his presidential campaign was “difficult and painful.” He […]

Summary of Robert Mueller report

See Ten most read topics in the news While testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, about his two-year investigation, Robert Mueller thinks Trump obstructed justice but refused to charge him. According to him, Volume II of the report indicates that Trump committed all three elements of obstruction. Still Mueller decided that not enough evidence existed […]

Two leading Democratic contenders take on Trump

See Ten most read topics in the news Democratic front runner and former Vice President Joe Biden believes that President Donald Trump is a political aberration and a sickness that America can recover from. Biden’s campaign said in the statement: “We can make Trump an aberration or let him fundamentally and forever alter the character […]

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI

See Ten most read topics in the news Michael Flynn (58) who is a former Army general and member of Trump’s campaign team was fired as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser after it was revealed that he lied about his communications with Russia’s ambassadors. Flynn was charged with lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation […]

Trump sides with Putin over U.S. intelligence on election meddling

See Ten most read topics in the news President Donald Trump spoke with Russian President, Vladimir Putin this week in Vietnam during a joint summit with other Asia-Pacific countries. When a reporter asked if the subject of Russian election interference came up, Trump replied, “He said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He […]

Hillary Clinton blames Sanders for dragging on fight

See Ten most read topics in the news It seems Hillary Clinton still can’t get over her loss in the 2016 U.S Presidential election. In her new interview with ‘Pod Save America’ podcast, she claimed she did not get the support she needed from Bernie Sanders who dragged on the nomination fight after he lost […]

Why Russia’s effort to sway France election failed

See Ten most read topics in the news Marine Le Pen, Putin’s favorite lost to Emmanuel Macron and Macron became France president. Reports shows that Macron’s emails were stolen by a Russian hack group, the fancy bear or APT 28, which is used by President Vladimir Putin to disrupt elections and help in electing leaders […]

Trump is already campaigning for 2020 election

See Ten most read topics in the news Donald Trump is already campaigning for 2020 election: Still under 100 days in office, President Donald Trump has already started the process of trademarking a tagline for his re-election campaign in 2020. Trump says he already locked down his 2020 slogan and it is “Keep America Great”