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Why street protests continue in Iraq

See Ten most read topics in the news According to World Bank figures. nearly 60 percent of Iraq’s 40 million people live on less than $6 a day. large crowds of mostly young Iraqis have poured onto the streets of Baghdad and other cities in an outburst of anger over chronic unemployment, corruption and poor […]

Iran tells Trump to remove troops from Iraq

See Ten most read topics in the news During his first trip to visit with U.S. troops in a combat zone, President Trump met with soldiers at Al Asad Air Base, west of Baghdad, before flying to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. During his Iraq visit, Trump said U.S. forces stationed there could carry out […]

Earthquake in Iran killed over 60 and injured thousands

See Ten most read topics in the news Iran got hit by a powerful magnitude 7.2 earthquake. The quake occurred along the border between Iran and Iraq. In Iran, over 60 people have been reported dead and thousands injured. Iraq was also reportedly affected by the earthquake. According to Iranian state TV, Iraqi officials had […]

15 hospitalized due to chemical attack in Mosul

See Ten most read topics in the news Based on police confirmation that the bombs which hit a home in the nearby Mishraq neighborhood, in Iraq, the same day contained homemade chemical poisons, which led to 15 people being hospitalized, the international organization has therefore warned that Islamic State militants could be using chemical weapons […]