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The travesty of religion among religious fanatics

This is the travesty of religion among religious fanatics written by Ebony – In recent times, there have been lots of killings in the name of religion. In strict Muslim countries, women can be killed in the name of “honor killing”. If not ignorance, how can a human being kill a fellow human being in the name of religion? A religion is supposed to be peaceful and used in promoting peace all over the world, but religious fanatics, especially some Muslims practice religion to the detriment of peace in the world. Their interpretation of Islam fails to represent the good values and qualities that it is intended to represent.

If not ignorance, why would Boko Haram go to kidnap 276 schoolgirls from their boarding house and thereafter tell the world that according to Islam, women are not suppose to go to school. Should religion be wiped out from the face of the earth? I think the answer is “NO” because people need it to worship their God. Religious leaders should stop inciting their followers to kill others simply because they have different religious beliefs. After all, life is sacred and therefore, killing in the name of religion should be one of the greatest sins and it should be condemned by all religions.

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