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Trump goes on Twitter tirade again

Unlike other presidents, Donald Trump is fond of going on Twitter tirade. President Trump was impeached because he wanted to play a fast one on Joe Biden by withholding almost $40M which was approved (by Congress) to be given to Ukrain as military aid. Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden before releasing the fund but it backfired against him.

Trump thought he has closed the impeachment case on Twitter but he later realized that it is easier said than done.

He got impeached by the House As a result of the impeachment, Trump decided to go on Twitter tirade:

He started firing off barrage of tweets claiming that he ”never did anything wrong. Read the Transcripts. A Democrat Hoax!” In another tweet, he wrote: ”Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate. Why aren’t we Impeaching her?” He tweeted further that “It’s time to put House Democrats on trial.”

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