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U.S. drops charges against 129 inauguration day protesters

The U.S. Attorney’s office has decided to drop charges against 129 people who were accused of rioting in Washington, D.C., on President Trump’s inauguration day after he won the presidential election. Prosecutors have said that the decision was due to last month’s verdict which found the first six defendants to stand trial for the charges not guilty. It became therefore meaningless to continue to pursue the charges against the others.

This came at the time that President Donald Trump has been accused of being a racist due to the derogatory comment he made about African countries and Haiti in a meeting with 6 senators in the Oval office. While prosecutors will file motions to dismiss the 129 defendants, the Trump administration said it will move forward with the remaining 59, which, it said, engaged in the destruction of downtown D.C., and also helped plan the demonstration and displayed “black-bloc” tactics.

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